Bar-B Lash Bundle

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Bar-B Lash Essentials  Bundle 

  1. Your Choice of Magnetic Lashes ( Black Band Color)
  2. Lash Applicator
  3. Liquid Magnetic Lash Eyeliner (Black) 


How to Apply

  1. Apply 2-3 coats of magetic eyeliner along the lash line, allow to dry
  2. Insert lash into applicator tool
  3. Drop the lash along eyeliner - feel the lash attract to the eyeliner
  4. Note* Bar-B Lashes work best with Bar-B Magnetic eyeliner
  5. To remove lashes gently left the lash band from the outer corner of your eye and slowly remove
  6. To extend the amount of wears, clean lash with an oil-free make up remover
  7. Remove magentic eyeliner with make up remove - be gentle the skin on eyelids is delicate
  8. Store Bar-B Lashes in case to protect them  

Bar-B Lash Bundle

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